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Your Company Logo Is:
The Symbol First Seen by your Customer.

The Mark they will remember
when they need your companies service or product.

An Integral Part of Your Corporate Brand.


Aviation Solutions International Inc. - Logo developed by Designz for international and domestic use. This logo is used for print as well as web and conveys a since of looking toward the future.


Vineyard Asset Management, LLC - Logo developed by Designz to convey a since of security and stability for money management.


Springfield Nephrology Associates, Inc. - Logo developed by Designz to inform and appeal to a wide range of patients. This logo is being used for print, signage and web.


Custom Protein Corp - Logo developed by Designz. This customer already had an existing logo but wanted to bring it up to date. Working closely with the customer we developed a modern version of their outdated logo and by using half toning for print kept the cost of stationary and signage at a minimum.


Jenkins Diesel - Logo developed by Designz with the thought of the future in mind, created to appeal to business owners in the market for sales and service of their fleet.


As the quote by Benjamin Franklin states, "Time is Money." Designz Net can help you save both. Time, by dealing directly with the artist doing the logo design, there will be no need for multiple revisions because your logo will be designed to your specifications the first time. Money, by having a Company Logo that will serve you well now and in the future, as your company grows your logo will be the Corner Stone to a Strong Corporate Identity.


Your company will own your finished logo design. Your logo will be in several formats for use on the web as well as print. Many of the logos designed by Designz Net have been used for Web, Signage, Stationary, and TV and on all types of material goods.


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